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Legislated Solutions Which Address Common Doubts

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Legislated Solutions Which Address Common Doubts


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ISBN: 9781495113789
Author: Shaykh Saalih Aal ash-Shaykh
Publisher: Authentic Statements Publishers (2014)
Pages: 47 Binding: Paperback 5.75 x 8.25 x .1″

Description from the publisher:

Excerpt from the book:

“Allah sent him before the final hour as a bearer of glad tidings and as a warner; giving glad tidings of paradise to he who fears Allah, the Majestic and Exalted, and follows the Messenger; and as a warner and to bring fear of the punishment of Allah and the fire for he who opposes the command of Allah, the Majestic and Exalted, and disobeys the Messenger.

And I ask that Allah makes everyone from those whom He has favored with an infiltrative insight in solving doubts, and with beneficial knowledge that gives life to and aids the hearts.

And Allah has made the revelation in the Quran like the example of water, because with it is life for the hearts, and with it is true insight into achieving solutions for doubts and their appearance.”


Authentic Statements


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