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The Chapter On The Prohibition Of Arrogance Self-Conceit

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The Chapter On The Prohibition Of Arrogance Self-Conceit


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ISBN: 9781628906080
Author: Shaykh Muhammad bin Saleh al Uthaymeen
Publisher: Maktabatul-Irshad (January 2014)
Pages: 63 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

Arrogance: A belief in one’s own greatness above the people and possession of virtue over them.

Self-Conceit: Looking at one’s actions and becoming amazed by them regarding them as great and lofty.

Self-Concept: Describes one’s actions while arrogance describes one’s soul, both traits are dispraised.

Arrogance is of two types: Arrogance toward the truth and arrogance toward people. The Prophet (p.b.u.h.) clarified both in his statement, “Arrogance is to regret the truth and belittle the people”

The meaning behind the statement, “Reject the Truth” is to discard it, be averse to it, and to deny it, and the meaning behind the statement “Belittle the People” is to disparage and disdain them, and deem people to be of no worth, seeing oneself above them.

It was said to one man, ‘What do you think of the people?” He said, “I don’t view them in any way except as flies.” So it is said to him, “Indeed they don’t think of you in any was except the same.”


Maktabatul Irshad


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