Ibaadat Quran Majeed Speaker

Ibaadat Quran Majeed Speaker

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Description & Functions:

A high fidelity compact speaker that contains a comprehensive library of Islamic devotional content which can also be used to learn and teach Quran. It has the following features:
1. Azan Call: In-built mechanism of call for Azan, 5 times a day, as per your GPS location across 250 cities across India. Azan time can be set as per Shafi & Hanafi.
2. Mode: Lets you change the language (In combine mode, it plays in Arabic and then the Ayat translation).
3. Full Quran: Complete Quran Recital in combined mode. Each Ayat will be first played in Arabic and then it is followed by its translation in Urdu.
4. Record & Learn: Press Record; Speaker plays the Ayat and then prompts the user to repeat the same Ayat. The speaker then plays both the original and your recorded version for comparison.


1. In the shape of the Beautiful and Holy Kaaba Sharif
2. Built to Go: Compact so you can carry it with you
3. Loud Sound: Innovative Technology packs powerful sound into a small form
4. Easy to Operate: Audio Guided Assistance makes it easy to use
5. Soft-keys: User friendly remote with soft-touch keys allows one-touch access to Islamic devotional content


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