The Neglected Sunan Of Prayer

The Neglected Sunan Of Prayer

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Allah, the Most Glorified, says: (Guard strictly the (five obligatory) prayers and [especially] the middle prayer [i.e.o asr prayer]…) (Qur’an 2:238) And Allah’s Messenger (Blessings and peace be upon him) said: “Pray as you have seen me praying.” (Bukhari and Ahmad). The above Qur’anic verse and prophetic saying imply two complemenlary matters related to the strict observance of: 1. Daily five prayers, with special emphasis on the afternoon prayer. 2. The prophetic traditions in prayers. Despite these two self-explanatory instructions, some Muslims are either unaware of their details or have neglected them, causing their prayers to be unaccepted. The author of this booklet, Sameh Strauch, has identified the conditions and prerequisites that make prayers acceptable. As such identification is the first step towards that end, the reading of this booklet has become inevitable for all those concerned about the acceptance of their prayers by Allah, the Most Magnificent. Dear reader, you definitely would like to be one of those righteous people. So, do it now!

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