A Warning From Wastefulness & Extravagance

A Warning From Wastefulness & Extravagance

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Author: Imaam Abdul-Azeez Ibn Abdillah Ibn Baaz

Size cm: 15×22

Pages: 45

Binding: Softcover

Year of Publication: 2009

Said Imaam ‘Abdul-‘Azeez Ibn ‘Abillah Ibn Baaz : ”Allah, the sublime and exalted, has sent down in His Grand Book many aayaat where wasting and extravagance is mentioned along with the prohibition of both, and the praise of those who adopt the middle course, and are moderate and Upright in their actions, eating, drinking and the rest of their spending. Therefore, there shouldn’t be any wastefulness, extravagance, miserliness, niggardliness, extremism, or negligence.”

Thusly Allah has ordained for the middle course to be adopted in all affairs oand from this is the prohibition of extremism.

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