Explanation Of The Hadith Of The Man Who Killed 99 Men
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ISBN: 9780984660025
Author: Imaam Nawawi, Bin Saalih al Uthaymeen, and Salim al Hilalee (compilation)
Publisher: Daarul Isnaad Publications (September 2009)
Pages: 37

Binding: Paperback 

Description from the publisher:

Excerpt from the booklet:

The statement of the Prophet:

“There was a man who killed ninety-nine, then he killed another man completing one hundred, then he received a religious ruling from a scholar that he could repent.”

It is the consensus of the people of knowledge that the sincere repentance of the murderer who has killed intentionally is accepted. No one opposed this opinion except Ibn Abbas, May Allah be pleased with him. As for what is transmitted from the scholars that states their opposition to this consensus, then what is intended is a harsh rebuke against the cause of the repentance (the murder itself) and it is not that they believe that the murder’s repentance is invalid. Rather, this hadith clearly is from the legislation of those before us.